Topics in AI Proposal in Progress

Written on February 18, 2018

A survey course of the development of the relationship with machines, from the early days of tool making, through our first industrial steps and recent mathematical development in emerging technologies (namely various forms of machine learning, crypto etc).

Work will be broken down to system thinking (complexity, emergence, authoritative) and ethnographic thinking unpacking the human mental models and cognition that goes into using such systems.

We will examine various combos of human to human, human to machine, machine to machine - and permutations of one to one and one to many. And will narrate first attempts of assigning agency to tools (ENIAC [1948], MIT AI lab[1960s]), and counter efforts to build augmentation tools (Kay, Engelbart).

Part 1 Foundation

AI, IA: Minsky, McCarthy, Engelbart and Kay narrative of human machine communication and a limited history of tools

part 2 Systems

2.1 Quetelet, Taylorism and averagarian thinking intro to complexity: organisms, cities, economies and the standing ovation problem

2.2 Usefulness and limits of abstraction: questions of abstractness, omnipresence of models and limits of thin data

part 3 New Paradigms

new models for system thinking: centralized vs complex, deterministic vs fluid, funneling vs human

work in Progress

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